Terms of use for our Lockers

BSafe Mobile Lockers offer storage under the following terms and conditions (the “Agreement”):

This Agreement applies to the hire and use of lockers and cloakroom facilities supplied by BSafe Mobile Lockers , (the “Company”), to people hereinafter known as “Users or User” for the purpose of storing clothing, bags, money, phones and/or valuables, hereinafter called the “Contents or Content” at any Event where BSafe Mobile Lockers is trading.

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Australia; and the courts of Australia will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with this Agreement.
Content may not be stored that might constitute a risk and/or nuisance. The Company is entitled to see the Content before being deposited with us. The Company, including any of its personnel at the Event, are entitled to refuse Content that they feel may cause a danger or nuisance.
Content that in the Company’s opinion is hazardous or could cause a nuisance, such as explosives, chemicals or perishable goods may be destroyed, removed or sold at the User’s expense.
The Company is entitled to examine the Contents, even if they have been placed in a sealed bag. In the case of locker hire the Company is entitled to open the locker.
The User undertakes to observe the written and/or oral instructions concerning the storage by Company personnel.
Company may allow the Police to view the Contents at any time.
The User is responsible at all times for Content placed in the locker.
Contents will be returned to the User on provision of proof of identity and proof of booking.
Contents may be collected during the indicated opening times and must be removed by the closing time as advertised.
If a User fails to collect their Contents then after 28 days the Company may dispose of the Contents in any way it deems appropriate
If a User believes that some or all of the Contents have been lost then they should complete the form on the Company website within 28 days of the Event.
The Contents will be released only after any charges due have been paid in full.
Company will take no responsibility however caused for damage sustained to electrical equipment. Due to the delicacy of such items it is recommended you protect your goods with an insurance policy often offered by equipment suppliers. Any financial liability is limited to the fee paid by the User.
No refunds will be offered for pre-booked and paid for facilities which are not used.

Locker only conditions

Lockers are open for access on-site during the event.
On loss or breakage of the supplied key the Company may withhold the Contents pending payment of any costs by the User.
If the User loses their wristband or key then the Company may:
a. Ascertain the identity of the User by means of his passport, driving licence or other means of identification and to make a photocopy thereof;
b. To surrender the Content only at the end of the Event;
c. Where applicable, to require a sum to be paid by way of administration charges as indicated;
d. And, if necessary, before the Contents are surrendered, to require that a deposit to be decided by the Company to be paid.
A locker is used at Users’ risk. The Company is not liable for the loss resulting from lock failure, riots, vandalism, weather, locker accessed by others, theft, or failure to collect the articles after use.
Before using the locker, the User will check whether the locker is empty and clean and that it operates as it should. Should the User find any Content then the User will be obliged to hand this Content to the Company.