Which areas do you service?

Pretty much all of the Eastern Coast of Australia north of Coffs Harbour and from the Sunshine Coast south.

What type of events are you available for?

We are available for festivals, sporting events, fairs, school events, corporate days, concerts and everything in between.


How does it work?

You hire a suitably sized locker and pay cash or credit. Staff keep the key to the locker and will assist you opening and locking it during the period of hire.

What is the cost?

Rates depend on the size of the locker rented. For a small locker a daily rate is $20.

Will I be able to access my locker anytime?

You may access your locker as many times as you wish while you are at the event. Once the event is over for that day, you must remove all items from the locker.

Do I need insurance?

Your items are stored at your own risk. Insurance is recommended, but not mandatory. Check whether your household contents or business insurance policy extends to cover items in temporary storage.

Is someone available onsite with the lockers?

Yes. someone will be there to provide access to each locker, answer questions, process rental payments and to ensure that if anyone forgets or loses proof of their locker number, they will be able to prove their identity and access the locker.

Is there a cost to have my items returned to me?

Any lost property will be happily returned but will incur a minimum cost of $10 for postage if mailed.